Tips to Avoid Locking Yourself Out of Your Car

Sure, there are a million and one things that can possibly go wrong when you are driving your car. However, we are certain that nothing can be more frustrating and annoying than getting locked out of your own vehicle. There is just nothing quite like the feeling of dread that overcomes every inch of your body the moment your car door shuts and you realize that you have left the key in the ignition.

To save you all the trouble of having to call a trusty mechanic or any car expert, not to mention the embarrassment that comes with locking yourself out of your own vehicle, here are some very useful tips that you should always bear in mind.

1) Always keep your keys on you

Studies show that on average, it takes two months before a specific behavior becomes a habit. And so, you should always practice never leaving your car keys inside the car when you exit it. What has always worked for me is that I tick off items on a mental checklist that I have the moment I turn off the ignition and have plans to go outside of my vehicle. Do I have my wallet on me? How about my mobile phone? And most importantly, are my car keys with me? One nifty trick that you can do is to have a bright, easy-to-spot keychain attached to your car keys. This way, you can always keep track of where it is.

2. Always use the fob on the car key to lock your car’s doors

Another useful tip is to only utilize the fob found on the car key to lock your door. Obviously, this only works for keys that have the car’s locking mechanism function on it. With this technique, it always means that your car’s keys would always be with you or else, your car would be left unlocked, leaving its security compromised. One tip you can use to ensure that you have your car keys with you is when you leave your vehicle, always pat down your pocket or check your bag or purse for your keys.

3) Make sure the key fob’s batteries work

There are times when the fob on your car keys just won’t work whenever you try to lock or unlock your vehicle. This might be a case of the battery no longer having enough power or it’s just flat out dead. In the event that the fob’s battery is indeed drained, you have nothing to worry about as it just a simple case of heading over to your local automobile store and having it replaced. However, there are instances when the problem is not the fob but in the battery of your vehicle itself. In cases like this, you have to unlock your door old-school style — by merely inserting the key and unlocking it manually. You should then have your battery replaced as quickly as possible.

4) Have a spare key made

This tip right here is one that would instantly help you out in the event you accidentally lock yourself out of your car. While it is an added expense that depends on the kind of key your car has, it definitely would save you all the hassle and trouble. For keys that do not have a fob, you can just troop over to your local hardware store and have one made in less than five minutes. However, if your car keys do have a fob, you have to go to your local dealership and have one made.

However, what good would be having a spare key made if you do not have easy access to them. For that matter, here are a few suggestions for where you should place your spare keys:

•           Inside a drawer at home, whether it is inside your bedroom or the kitchen

•           Inside a drawer at your desk at work

•           With a trusted friend or family member

Now, you may elect to keep a spare key outside of your vehicle, placing it inside one of those nifty boxes or gadgets that were made for this purpose. It is strongly recommended though, that you keep it in a place that no other person would think of. Give this considerable thought as it might be the difference between you getting inside your car whenever you lock yourself out of it or having your car stolen. Bottom line is, if ever your spare key is easy to find, chances are an experienced thief would have no problem locating it.

5) Join a Local Car Club

Joining a car club can help you in so many ways. Aside from the wide range of benefits that come with the yearly or monthly subscription, your car club may also have an unlock service that is free of charge! All it takes is one phone call and a locksmith would arrive at your location to help you out.

6) Have the local locksmith’s contact details on you

This tip may prove handy when you accidentally lock yourself out of your vehicle. A simple search online would do the trick and then, you can just save the contact information on your phone. This way, whenever an emergency that needs a locksmith’s assistance and expertise arises, help is just one phone call away. While payment for these services may vary, depending on the broadness of the work that is needed, it sure beats getting left on the roadside, twiddling your thumbs. It is a lot cheaper too, compared to the annual subscription fees of some automobile and car clubs.

If ever you find yourself locked out of your car in Plantation, Florida, don’t worry. Just give Complete Locksmith Service a call at (954) 955-8556 and they would be more than happy to offer their assistance. All told, there are many different ways to avoid locking yourself out of your vehicle. Whether it is having a spare key made and keeping it in a safe place or always making certain that your key is on you at all times, these easy-to-do tips can really help you out in a huge way.